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Storage Tank & IFR Seals

Baker Tank Company/Altech had the right seal for every type tank. Years of experience in design, manufacturing and installation provide products that satisfy all protection needs.

The most important factor for seal design is the specific type of products to be stored plus any additives in the product. Product additives greatly affect seal selection and seal life expectancy. Other important factors for the design of the seal include: annular space information and mounting information at the rim of the floating roof. Baker Tank Company/ Altech offers all types of elastomer seals on the market. This availability provides the best seal for your products the market can offer.

Baker Tank Company/ Altech seals include:

  • Primary & Secondary Wiper Seal
  • Foam Log Primary Seal
  • Primary Shoe Seals (stainless steel or galvanized)
  • Secondary Low profile shoe seal (stainless steel)
  • PS-400 Secondary (stainless steel or galvanized)

Baker Tank Company/Altech has performed major and minor repair on all makes of aluminum internal pontoon type floating roofs including:

  • Total and partial pontoon replacement
  • Skin replacement-partial or complete
  • Remove and replace aluminum support legs with stainless steel support legs
  • Upgrade IFR with primary seal to double seal assembly including additional flotation

Typical Aluminum Internal Floating Roof Seal Configurations

Typical Steel Internal/External Floating Roof Seal Configurations