Baker Tank Company / Altech

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100 Hwy 64 East

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Internal Floating Roof Repair Components

Baker Tank Company/Altech offers complete IFR repair with compatible replacement components for any Aluminum or Stainless Steel skin and pontoon IFR in service. For Uninstalled material Baker Tank Company/Altech will provide drawings for approval prior to fabrication. Typical turnaround times on orders are second to none.

Some typical items are:

  • 8” and 10” diameter replacement pontoons. (Customer provides length and end cap attachment style with dimensions. Maximum length 40’)
  • Support Legs 1 ¼” Diameter and 2” Diameter in either Stainless or Aluminum
  • Teflon Leg Pads
  • Deck Sheeting Repair Kits in .020”, .025” and .032”
  • Column Well Seals
  • Leg to Cable Suspension Conversion Kits
  • Perimeter Seals (See Seals)